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Welcome to our Mare's page! Its taken us several years to afford and collect the quality of mares that we own, superior proven bloodlines with sensible, easy going dispositions. I take great pride in these mares, they are a HUGE contribution to the type of foal that we produce. I love each and every one of these mares, they are special in so many different ways. Modern build, beautiful heads, huge hips, nice slender necks, tons of natural muscling and balanced conformation, using bloodlines as well as the pretty halter look. Check out each mare's page for pics of her foals to date and detailed pedigree information.

Prince's Clay Mist

Strawberry Roan      Reg #  507387    04/08/90

This was my first appaloosa! I bought her as a yearling, she had never been handled! Took three days to get a halter on her, Oh but she's been a pleasure to own, such a nice ride and never been sick a day in her life. Old performance bloodline tracing to Skipper W and Prince plaudit multiple times, king bred as well.

This mare has been rode around the world and back. She's run Barrels, she's done trail class, she's carried me over many a trail. We've done parades, and she's raised some wonderful babies for me as well. She's 20 this year, for 19 years she's been my best buddy, and is in semi retirement, she's a wonderful riding mare, so we loan her out for beginners and friends, other than that, she simply takes it easy.

We don't know if we'll breed her again, I may do that to keep a potential filly from her and Max, as I've always bred her to outside stallions. But she has a home here for life. She is such a special mare, they only come like this once in a lifetime!

Not for sale.

Prince's clay is now Retired.

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Shez Goin Grand

Dun Mare with no Characteristics   CN 619957   01/03/2003

This is our only solid mare, I wanted to add the dreamfinder bloodline to my broodmares. We love her look, and she produces a super built baby. Her first filly was a grulla from Max, and she was gorgeous. This mare was shown lightly as a yearling, she has 17.5 halter points and her ROM in halter.

We're really excited to see what she produces for us in the future, she's been a super addition to our Broodmare band. Her sire HW's Executive Dream had over 66 halter points and was top five at the World and National show. He is also a Futurity champion sire. This is a super built mare, huge hip, nice slim neck, alot of natural muscling, very pretty, classy looking mare with a great pedigree of halter champions.

Her dam Shez Grand Slam was a two time Medallion winner with over 120 points.


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Mark Me Te

Red Dun Mare

Reg # CN 540975

We welcome this impressive mare to our broodmare band, extensively shown for the first four years of her life, this mare boasts 134 open points in halter, 121 points in Non Pro Halter, she's a Bronze Medallion winner and was 1999 High Point Halter Mare. She also Has her superior in halter as well. We purchased this mare from the breeding program of Ronnie Stinson and she was bred to his stallion when we purchased her. She produced a colored Dun filly with spots on her hips that we intend to keep for our breeding program. We're honored to own this beautiful mare and are excited to get some nice foals from her in the future. Huge build, 16 hands and heavily muscled.


Mark Me Te has been retired...


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Certifiable Megan

AQHA American Quarter Horse Registry

May 21 1994 Black Mare

Reg# 3328473

With the Addition of a fewspot stallion to our breeding program, we've introduced more solid mares and this mare is one we are very proud to own. This is a pointed mare by the AQHA Superior Hunter under saddle stallion..I'm Certifiable. He is by the world champion Superior Western Pleasure champion Mr Impressive.  I'm Certifiable's Dam is a granddaughter of the AAA Leading sire if AQHA Champions Sugar Bars on th etop side and a grandaughter of AAA Supreme Champion Fairbars on the bottom. This mare's dam Bee a Redeemed is a granddaughter of The Redeemer Superior Halter Stallion, congress Sire and AQHA Champion. Her first filly for us by Rainwater is a gorgeous Black Blanketed filly with exceptional refinement and presence and athletic ability.

Due to wanting to scale way back in 2013, this beautiful mare is offered for sale..

This mare has sold


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SS Sheik's Montana

Bay With Blanket and Spots

Justin and I always wanted this mare, We're in the process of purchasing her, she's a five year old this year. Linebred Bright Eyes Brother Breeding, with Dial Bright too and Joker B, A grandaughter of Mighty Sheik.

This is a huge bodied mare with just a gorgeous head. Her contrast color is beautiful. This mare has never been bred so we're really excited to see what she can produce for us, I have never worked with a more honest, good natured horse, Our Gelding Banner is full brother to this mare, I knew she would be a sweetheart to work with, Simply can't wait to see what she will produce with Max and then with Rain in the future. But I also want to break this mare to saddle, she's wonderful to watch, she moves so level. Love this bloodline, Its a oldie but a goodie.

Not for sale.


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Snazzy Confection

Chestnut/sorrel with blanket

This beautiful mare is a super addition to our farm! she's a Big 15.3 hand chunk of a mare, super sweet docile personality..Her bloodline is a good one! She goes back to the Stallion Roman's straw man by Hayes Roman cloud, Sonny Dee Bar, and goes back to Secretariat three times in her first five generations! She's 73% foundation Pedigree designated.

We accquired this mare for mostly riding.. She brings to the table a heavy frame, excellent feet and awesome disposition with alot of size.



AQHA Daughter of a Money earning cutting stallion Magic Scat Cat, by A Hocus Pocus Cat by High Brow Cat..

This mare has a wealth of AQHA cutting lines, tracing to Doc Bar, Smart Little Lena, Poco Bueno, and king..A very good pedigree on this mare and she's very sensible and gentle..

         Magic Scat Cat

One Look One Kiss

Colored Daughter of the Look, Massive build, gorgeous head. We have great expectations from this cross with Rainwater. Her Pedigree is modern breeding and my most colored babies come from these nearly solid or solid mares... The Look

The vision In Me

Red Leopard daughter of Crystal Vision, this mare is MASSIVE! Beautiful head, heavy muscle, she's a perfect Match for our stallion and we couldn't be happier to get the lease on this mare. Should expect a foal in 2017 by Rainwater.

Crystal vision


Sheiks Bright Presley

Bright eyes Brother breeding, half sister to SS Montana Mae, Many greats in this mare's pediegree, she's linebred Bright eyes Brother top and bottom on her sire's side. Grandaughter of Mighty Sheik and Dial Bright too.