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Welcome to my Artwork!!!   I'm a self taught artist, working mainly in Acrylic on stretched canvas, However I sometimes paint on clothing and I'm trying to learn to air brush on metal as well. Most of my artwork is centered on the horse. I Love all breeds but my real passion is the Appaloosa, I was drawn to their coloring and the heritage behind them when I was still just a child. I had a mom that was very talented and could draw anything, she was my mentor and critic, she made me who I am today because she told me when my art was lacking and when it was right. An artist has a desire to create something that shows a small part of their inner self, their passion for the subject they paint. I was born with the love of the horse, I've studied them all my life in drawings and then with paint.  I do commissioned work from photographs, I've painted many different breeds, and hopefully I've created art that will long outlast me, and be enjoyed and displayed.  My only art training came in high school, and from my mom, the rest has been by trial and error. I hope you enjoy this page, Most all these paintings have homes, a couple hang in my own home. My hope for the future is to create a page with paintings for sale, as I can get some completed. My husband and I have no children, but we have 11 horses, Five dogs, three cats and we both work full time, So we have a pretty busy life and a full one. Below is a price listing of paintings on Canvas by commission. Feel free to contact me about my artwork or the appaloosa, Both are a huge part of the person that I am. I hope you enjoy this page, I'm very proud of what I've accomplished and I have so much more to learn. I don't know if any artist is ever fully satisfied with their work, but I strive to become better with each and every painting I do.


   DREA Eaglestud Sundy, owned by Decker's Red Eagle appaloosas< One of Milton and Mary Decker's gorgeous young stallions! Sacred Silence, One of the first buffalo paintings I ever painted.  The Coolest Skip owned by Holly Brook Farm , Thanks Martha for allowing me to paint this beautiful stallion!
Raid On The Nez Perce........This painting was a vision of Milton Decker's, I hope I created the drama and scene of a Blackfoot raid on a Nez Perce encampment, the stallion in the foreground is a likeness of one of Milton's stallions ( Celilo) I lost alot of detail, being so far away from this painting to photograph, but Its huge! 2 foot by 4 foot! This painting is headed to Oregon!
The Sneakers   24 by 36 on stretched canvas, acrylic paint. This painting is for sale and on my ART FOR SALE page. This painting is donated to Relay for Life, thru Wal-mart. They will be selling chances on this painting until the Relay for life event on the first weekend in June. I've named it Reflections.
LINKS   24 by 36 on Stretched Canvas, acrylic paint. This painting is for sale on my Art For Sale page. This painting has SOLD! This painting was a commission.
Wall Murals
Below is a small example of a couple Baptistry and murals that I have done. I've done several but seems like I never get a picture of them when finished for the most part. I've done countless murals, five baptistrys, several play props, signs, etc.... I'm sure I'll be adding to this page, next time I'll make sure and pack my camera!!!!
Below is an example of my first try at airbrush! I have done two other trailers since. I just love doing this!! I know I need to perfect this medium, and I'll continue to work at it. Still I think my first try really wasn't all that bad, I've had alot of favorable comments on it thus far. I'll be adding to this section as I get to do more photos!

Our own horse trailer


Justin's dodge hood before sitting it back on his truck

Scott Sumner's horse trailer He designed this himself.

            Justin's truck after it was put back together. next we're going to do the tailgate!

Here some examples of odd stuff I enjoy doing! Again I don't have near as many photos of things I've done in this area. I'll continue to add pics as I get more.

New thing! Custom creation western design caps

Over shirt painted on back

hand painted on deerskin

More Custom made caps, all styles western!

Hand made jewelry! Making key bobs, necklaces, earrings, pins!



Jackets  35.00 if you provide jacket

T shirts  25.00 if you provide Shirt


With this type of artwork, I reserve the right to see the space first before giving a quote. Same thing for airbrushing and I don't clear coat at this time. That is the responsibility of the owner. Should we in the future do that, I will notify anyone inquiring.

            Canvas Paintings priced by size

18 by 24 stretched Canvas                 $ 150.00

20 by 24 stretched Canvas                 $ 175.00

22 by 28 stretched Canvas                 $ 200.00

24 by 36 stretched Canvas                 $ 250.00

  30 by 36 stretched Canvas                 $ 325.00  

These prices do not include framing or shipping and handling

that is the responsibility of the buyer, Deposit required on all artwork.

Contact Information

or Phone evenings at


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