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Welcome! We are breeders of the Appaloosa horse. This is a breed of horse that inspires our dedication to their strong independent nature. Very Smart and athletic, they make the perfect partner for the trails and their beauty brightens up the show ring. I was drawn to this breed many many years ago as a child. I loved the heritage behind this breed and their coloring was just amazing to me. No two are alike, and they are one of the most intelligent breeds I've ever known. We have chosen a mixture of color, build and disposition in our horses. We breed the modern lines with the old lines. Our breeding program exemplifies the color, athletic ability and individuality of this breed. We are so proud to call this our chosen breed, and honored to continue the bloodlines that have been proven over and over. Check out this site and its obvious that we love our horses and this breed.

We are happy to add tack and other items besides my artwork to this site! We love old well made saddles/good using type saddles! We'll continue to add to our inventory of tack. Hope you enjoy and feel free to inquire about any Item or horse we have for sale.

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Custom Tack

Custom Made Tack, hand painted clothing, Western Jewelry, Purses, belts all western! Even Used boots!

We specialize in all things western and Unique!

Nice Used Western vintage Saddles and Tack

Western Tack sets made to order!

all hand made custom tack.

Our Stallion

DREA Rainwaters Fire   APHC Black and white fewspot stallion  foaled 2008

We have just purchased this young stallion from Deckers Red Eagle appaloosas, In our desire to produce more colorful offspring we have decided to add a fewspot stallion to our breeding program. We wanted to add a foundation stallion that would put back that appaloosa blood that has been weakened with outcrossing over the generations, and insure a high color probability as well. This colt is foundation at its best, many hall of fame horses in his lineage. our goal is to add the old bloodlines to the new to produce a blend of both. Athletic, and muscular, Halter breeding and the natural athletic nature of the foundation appaloosa. Both of these stallions should compliment each other well. Rainwater will not be bred till he's of age, but you can view his pedigree and information on his own page. He will be raised by us with all the handling it takes to make him a well minded stallion, and someday he will have his own babies displayed on this site as well. We're excited to bring this young stallion up and let him make a mark for himself as a sire.

OUR previous stallion    Max has been sold!

Maxed Out    APHC  Black and white Near Leopard Stallion   Foaled 2001

We purchased max as a weanling, he's been a wonderful sire of our babies, producing beautiful conformation, calm easy temprement and good color. Most of Max's foals to date in 6 breeding seasons has been blankets, with wide ranges of color depending on the contribution of the mare. Max was shown lightly as a weanling and yearling into his two year old year, earning 3.5 halter and most colorful points and qualifiing for the World in Most colorful. His temprement as a stallion is unbelievable, he's a gentle natured as any gelding and such a sweet boy, we may add more stallions in the future but this boy will stay here and continue to breed. Few come along that can be so good at producing the best of what they are and exceeding all our expectations. Check out his page and his foals page to view his entire foal crop from start till now.


We have really been selective in choosing our mares, looking for not only excellent breeding, but being easy breeders and producers of color. Most of our mares have Goer breeding, Bright Eyes Brother, Dreamfinder, Prince Plaudit, and many other world and national champions in their lineage. I feel a mare contributes so much to the foal, from foaling to weaning that disposition is of upmost importance. We have looked for Quality above Quantity, we generally only have from 5 to 7 mares. Check out their individual sites to see pedigree information and more pictures.


Our foals are our pride and Joy, we've had the pleasure of seeing many of these babies got to special homes and loving owners. And we're selective that they do go to good homes. Our babies are handled from birth, they have manners and are fed well and wormed on a regular schedule and up to date on all their vaccinations before they leave. They also get freedom to socialize and be babies and I feel thats very important to their development and growth. We buy the best quality hay available and they are fed free choice grain from the time they show interest. We have kept contact with many of the new owners and enjoy so much seeing our babies mature and grow. We require deposit on any foal to hold till weaning, and balance paid before ship or pickup. Health certificate and current coggins are required and we supply that at pickup date or ship.


We often have the babies listed and sometimes even a mature horse for sale, sometimes we may even have a horse listed for a friend, so keep visiting often to see any changes. We will not guarantee any information on any horses listed on our site that is not ours. It is the responsibility of the owner to provide accurate information regarding their own animal. We are happy to provide additional photos and pedigree information at the best of our ability. we welcome any inquirys.

All our babies carry the proven bloodlines of the past and the trendy bloodlines of the present. With this combination we're producing a horse that can go do well in the show ring, be sane and sound on the trail and have the disposition to be the perfect companion.

Our babies are people horses, they love the attention and are in contact with people daily. They have the best of nutrition and are healthy happy babies.

We are so excited to introduce DREA Rainwaters fire bloodline into our breeding program. I look forward to the color and athletic ability this young stallion is going to bring to our halter bred mares. I'm hoping his black and white background and fewspot influence with produce Loud colored babies that can go show and be hardy trail companions.


This page is devoted to our boys. We have some more photos listed and some information about each one. besides the breeding part of this farm, we enjoy taking these boys out. Showing alittle and doing some trail riding as well. We don't get to do near as much of it as we would like to. we spent all of last year putting living quarters in our horse trailer, so hopefully we can show further away from home and do some camping as well. Its really nice to be able to stay close to the horses on the show grounds. I'm usually up long before everyone else anyway!!!

Enjoy this page, Each one of these boys is special in his own way. We're proud to own them.


Years ago, I was trying to decorate a new home, wanted appaloosa artwork for my walls and just couldn't find it anywhere! I had sketched and drawed all my life, a gift from my mom who is an accomplished artist herself. I decided to try and paint something, and this artwork of mine has snowballed from there. I'm self taught, have no professional instruction other than High School art classes. So needless to say, my learning to paint has been by trial and error. I'm proud of my accomplisments, I have artwork displayed in many homes all over the United States, I've had art published thru the appaloosa journal and other publications, I even got a two page spread in the Journal back in 1999. I have branched out to do murals, clothing and beside canvas, airbrush on vehicles. I'm also a experienced Cake Decorator and hold the lead positon for Wal-mart Cake dept. I've done five baptistrys to date for local churches. I'm a busy girl! Inquire on my artwork, I'd love to talk to you!



This Page was created for Artwork that I have for sale. Alot of my artwork is from Commissions, but my real love is to create original pieces from sketches I've created out of my mind. I have tons of sketches that I've kept over the years, sketches I've wanted to create paintings from. As I finish these they will be listed on my For Sale page. If they don't sell, I've still got wall space in my home for these paintings and will proudly display them. I'm excited to paint for my self, I've not done this for a long time and Its my true love. And honestly I think its where my true creativity is reflected. Prices and sizes are listed, Medium is Acrylic on Stretched canvas unless otherwise noted. If Framed, that will be noted as well. Shipping is not included in the price of the painting.



I've reserved this link for our favorite photos, silly photos, show pics, all the memories we have created with our animals, we've had great luck having super friends that share our love of the horses. you'll find tons of pics of past horses we've owned, maybe lost, our dogs (we have four) Two corgi mixes, Two Boston Terriers that rule the house, and two useless cats that follow me back and forth to and from the barn but won't stay there! All these pics are memories and theres some goofy shots in there that we treasure as well. Enjoy, we sure have and continue to make those memories so keep checking back!


Contact Information:

Hidden Waters Appaloosas

2076 Old Somerset, Stanford Road

Eubank, Kentucky


Phone: 606-379-0206 or 606-305-3115



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